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General Inquiries

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions below prior to sending us an email :)


Q: Can I reserve tickets/seats at shows?

A: All KMJF shows are first come, first serve with cash-only cover charges at the door. KMJF does not reserve seats or offer passes of any kind.

Q: Can I pay for multiple shows at one venue upon first entry?

A: You may only pay for one show at a time, but if you are already seated in a venue, you will be given the chance to pay for the next show and keep your seat prior to the next audience being given entry.

Q: How can I apply to perform at KMJF?

A: KMJF is not currently accepting artist submissions.

Q: Can I participate in KMJF as a vendor?

A: KMJF is not currently offering spots for vendors.

Q: I'm a photographer and would like to photograph during the festival.

A: While we do not offer entry to photographers that have not been hired specifically by the festival, you are welcome to photograph shows that you are attending, barring any audience disruption. 

Q: There is rain in the forecast during the festival weekend. How does that affect outdoor shows?

A: We are a rain or shine festival. Barring dangerous weather, all KMJF shows will go on as scheduled. If rain is indeed in the forecast, we have a number of indoor venues where you can stay dry, but we also have umbrellas available for purchase at our merchandise tables up and down Augusta Ave! 

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